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Behind the Scenes, Meet the Team

We love our clients! Thank you for your business & loyalty!

Team Member

RAUL  [CEO & Founder]

Born and raised in San Antonio, Raul began making band merchandise back in 1996. Then in 2009, he set up his garage operation. Fast forward and Raul is still focusing on his mission to make people happy through a die cut sticker or a custom shirt! Outside of work, Raul loves building his extensive record collection that he has been collecting since 4 years old.

 "Personally, I am living the dream doing what I once only knew as a hobby. I feel like its not even a job. We just get to make cool stuff all day."

RAUL F [Graphic Designer]

Originally from Pearsall, TX, Raul has been with the NDCT for over 3 years. His favorite item to get creative with are signs and tees, making this the perfect career for him!  When Raul is not at the shop he enjoys Hot rods, car shows and music. 

"I've been doing this for 28 years now, been an artist all my life, I'm 49 years of age now." 

Team Member

BIANCA [Team Member]

Another member of NDCTs originating from San Antonio is the wonderful Bianca. This August (2020), she has been with the NDCTs family for 5 years. She loves anything with glitter or glow in the dark ink! Outside of the office, Bianca collects weapons -- especially bladed weapons and loves cars.

 "It feels good to make someone else's day better!"

Team Member

LITTLE RAUL [Team Member]

Little Raul was literally born into the business, it's his fathers. He has watched the business grow into the NDCT company it is today. For the past 3 summers, Little Raul has worked alongside of his father to create epic hoodies and tees. After hours, he is known as the Dungeon Master for  Dungeons & Dragons games.

"I work for my father, just trying to learn how to pull my own weight."

Team Member

MATT [Vinyl Department]

Another member born and raised in San Antonio, Matt is a recent addition to the NDCT team. His favorite item to create are the die cut stickers and his passion reflects in his work. Matt is working at NDCT and another apparel company to perfect his craft!

"I love seeing customers' reactions when they see their artwork come to life."

Team Member

MIKE [Team Member]

Mike was born in Abilene, Texas but has lived in San Antonio, Texas ever since. Mike loves to make people laugh, to eat good food and make music. In fact he can play 7-8 musical instruments! If you do business with NDCT, he will help make the process fun. 

"...Because the most good is what best is when life keeps to become."

Team Member

TRAVIS R. [Team Member]

Music and art is everything to Travis. As such, he was attracted to screen printing at an early age when he began seeing the pictures of the misfits printing their own posters. Years later ,bonding with Raul (owner) over their love for music, art, life. Growing from just part time --taking out trash and folding shirts, to prepping jobs for the printers --to eventually printing and running production. This has become more than a job to Travis. 

 "This is my passion; this is what I study, this is what I strive to be better at everyday... NDCT is my home."